Metanodic began its life in 1948 having bought out a small, local sheet metal firm known as Bloor and Bailey.

The name of Metanodic derived from its business at the time being sheet metal – Met and its other activity being Electro galvanising which used Anodes and Cathodes in its operation, hence Anode.

The company, like many sheet metal firms in the area, was heavily involved with the pottery industry which was huge at that time, with work coming in either direct from the Pot’s or from local kiln manufacturing companies such as British Ceramic Ltd (Bricesco).

Fortunately for Metanodic, unlike some other firms, its ‘eggs’ were not all in one basket and  it diversified into the food industry very early on, this enabled the company to remain busy, if one industry went quiet the other would take up the slack.

By the end of the 1970s early 80s the pottery industry was in decline and this was compensated by (although short lived) our work for the National Coal Board, which saw the company manufacturing de-gassing systems and miles of stainless steel ducting, all manufactured in our workshop.

My time with the company started in 1970 as an apprentice sheet metal worker, eventually becoming Managing Director in 1988 following the death of my father Gordon.

Along with my fellow director Alan Sutton the company continued to grow, starting with developing a property portfolio on our site, a large steel stockholding company est. 1995 called Bailey Steels Ltd which we later sold to Corus (British Steel) and an established industrial mixer manufacturing company Curtis Mixers, which is now an integral part of Metanodic.

I am proud of our achievements and of our loyal employees and customers, without whom the business would not have survived into longevity.


Chris Miller

Managing Director

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